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Our Website Design Key Features website design

A Logical Roadmap

Sure, a website should be aesthetically pleasing, but it is more important for it to be useful. website design

Crucial Business Information

The biggest failure that people have is that they trying to build the website they want, not necessarily the website they need.. website design

Contact Information Building

We can not stress enough that most crucial business detail is contact information — which is why it has its own section. website design

Clear Navigation

A map is useless without a legend and a website is useless without clear navigation. Make sure you use easy to understand and logical names for the various pages of your site. website design


If you are selling anything online, you need to put some effort into securing your site with an SSL certificate. The SSL will encrypt communications between you and your clients. website design

Social Media Integration

social media is critical part of marketing your business. website design

Webpage Speed

The longer a website takes to load, the more likely a person will leave before it fully renders. website design

Quality Web Content

For business websites, content should include important information and come in the forms that are pertinent to the business. website design

Simple and Professional Web Design

To keep websites simple, without making them look bland such as in Google’s case, a balanced distribution of content and graphics is required and the use of slightly contrasting colours and clear fonts is key.

Core Media Technologies offer compatible user-friendly error free Mobile friendly website.

Core Media Technologies motive is enhance the profile and business of his client with his best modern and responsive applications and best backend support.


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